Ass-Pan (acrossthelake) wrote,

A Conversation I Heard on My Way to School Today

Girl Walking Behind Me #1: People are saying you get a lot of work in Week 8. Do you have a lot to do?
Girl Walking Behind Me #2: Not really. I just have to read Petrarch's sonnets on courtly love.
G#1: Wait, what?
G#2: Courtly love.
G#1: Like the woman?
G#2: Women, men... you know, knights devoted to women and--
G#1: Ohhhh! I thought you said Courtney Love!
(Aspen, overhearing this from in front, quietly dies laughing.)

Wow. Petrarch's sonnets on Courtney Love. I want to write that now.
Tags: witty repartee
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