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Tonight's culinary experiment: risotto with shiitake mushrooms, clam meat and Red Leicester cheese. Actually, in retrospect it was more like a paella considering the ingredients, but presumably the inclusion of cheese makes it risotto instead. I really liked it, especially the clams which gave the whole thing a really nice texture. Unfortunately Chris thought they were too overpowering so I probably won't be doing this particular recipe again. I stand by Red Leicester as a really delicious cheese to do risotto with, though.

In other news, yesterday I discovered the hilarity that is the website Myths RETOLD. The retellings are, as the title implies, mostly ancient myths but there are also a lot of more modern stories in there as well, from Canterbury Tales to The Little Engine that Could. (I personally really want to do some retellings of The Silmarillion in his style now.) I recommend that everyone with an interest in such things as myths, storytelling and funny stuff on the Internet check it out. Additionally, for some reason the format tends to make me imagine Pvt. Michael J. Caboose reading them, so I also recommend doing this for extra amusement.
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